Hell and the Devil as Seen by Gary Larson

I loved this guy as a teenager.  I had completely forgotten about him until I ran across one of his comics by pure accident the other day.  That got me wondering, how many cartoons did this guy make about Hell and Satan?  I could remember at least 3 off the top of my head.  Looks like he made quite a few more than that though.  And for those who do not know, this all predates South Park.

And who knew Hell could be so funny?  I love Larson’s uncanny ability to capture the humor in things that people take way too seriously.  The Devil and the entire concept of Hell deserve to be mocked.  The fact that there are still people who take any religion so seriously as to be insulted by a cartoon, doesn’t entirely shock me.  What does astound me though, is that there are so damn many of them.  Luckily for all of us, the religious concept of Hell falls apart pretty quickly when examined objectively.  Those folks who have already done so will find these funny.  The rest of you, seek help.

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