Ronnie James Dio on Religion

This is one smart dude. Listen to him talk about Heaven and Hell, God and the Devil, and other religious topics, and decide for yourself. Dogma ruined religion. Organization ruined religion. Loss of morality ruined religion. He summarizes this very well.

Religion is a psychosocial reaction to what is, in some people, the inability to deal with their own mortality.  Because it ties itself together with the survival instinct in the mind of believers, it becomes a very dangerous thing.  It can usurp other necessary biological mechanisms, such as the sex drive, and hence it becomes a form of brainwashing.  The primary objective of religions such as Christianity and Islam is mind control.  They have perverted the spiritual, which is a very personal experience, and taken control of it in the individuals mind.  This is a truly a sad thing.  Even sadder is how it’s victims will fight tooth and nail in defense of it.

The full original interview is below.

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