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Why join The New Church of Satan? Hopefully (at the very least) because you have read The Nine Satanic Statements, The Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth, and The Nine Satanic Sins, and you agree with all of them. Ideally you have read the Satanic Bible. Most who join believe they were born a Satanist, and they find that they already think along the same lines as the rest of us. That is, they have been a Satanist all along, and just never realized it. Hence it is only natural that they join.

How to become a full member

1. Fill out the online membership form below.

2. Register for our forums.

3. Pay the one-time membership fee of $25.

4. Pass a background check.

5. Receive your membership card.

Once you receive your card in the mail, you are officially a member of rank 0. From there, advancement to rank 1 depends on you. Get active, both in the forums and in person. Make things happen and get noticed. We want doers. Note that membership is NOT guaranteed, and the one-time fee is nonrefundable. Advancement beyond rank 1 depends on reading a wide range of assigned material and passing written tests. The study material progresses in difficulty and scope with each rank.

Rank System

1. Registered Member (rank 0)

2. Active Member (rank 1)

3. Witch/Warlock (rank 2)

4. Priestess/Priest (rank 3)

5. Magistra/Magister (rank 4)

6. Maga/Magus (rank 5)

*Our application/survey is nearly identical to that of the church of Satan. We find it gives a very good overall impression of a person.