“A think tank of individuals utilizing Anton LaVey’s fundamentals from the Satanic Bible as well as other great minds into an evolved concept for true Freedom.”

Help The New Church of Satan bring Satanic Bibles to Ohio’s prison population!  Approximately every $10 buys a new Satanic Bible that will go to prisoners who request them. This is your chance to support real equality and freedom of religion!

Recent changes in Ohio have made Satanism a valid choice of religion among inmates and they are already reaching out to us for counseling and support, not to mention Satanic Bibles. The New Church of Satan’s own Rev. Eric Freeman will personally visit any inmate requesting it and hand deliver a bible to them.

If you know an inmate who needs a copy or feels that they are being discriminated against because they are a Satanist, please contact us and we will do whatever we can to help.

We are also looking into other ways of reaching out, such as religious services.

“When a Satanist commits a wrong, he realizes that is it natural to make a mistake―and if he is truly sorry about what he has done, he will learn from it and take care not to do the same thing again. If he is not honestly sorry about what he has done, and knows he will do the same thing over and over, he has no business confessing and asking forgiveness in the first place.”
― Anton Szandor LaVey, The Satanic Bible

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Media about our high priest, Rev. Eric Freeman.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between you and the old Church of Satan?

We’re two separate entities.  While we do have some connections to members of the LaVey family, we are not officially connected in any way.  Their are some minor philosophical differences, as well.

While we acknowledge the original Church of Satan and LaVey’s work, and agree with all of his tenets, we do not believe the church has made an effort to undertake the steps outlined herein. “Satanism demands study, not worship.” wrote LaVey. And yet that study is entirely absent from the old church. Additionally, the old church takes a fairly strict atheist stance, but we accept and encourage all branches of Satanism, whether theistic, atheistic, or agnostic.

We also find ourselves differing from the old Church of Satan in their approach to outreach. For the old Church, there is no charity, fundraising or proselytizing. There are no free Satanic Bible’s, or other literature. There is no activism, protest, or seemingly much more than showy pageantry. Recent years of Satanic activism have proven to be quite effective, and it behooves us to take notice of that and incorporate it.

For these reasons then we embrace any activism that sheds a positive light on Satanism in general, and helps others somehow in the process. If we intend to see acceptance of Satanism reach a greater number of people, then these are the methods that must be embraced.

What does The New Church of Satan believe?

We champion both individual and collective freedom. We believe freedom to be the highest and greatest of human aspirations, and place ourselves as squarely opposed to all things which impinge on individual and collective freedom, most importantly in the religious realm. This includes, but is not limited to, homophobia, sexism, racism, abortion rights, terrorism, war and religious fanaticism and extremism in general.

We believe fully in separation of church and state. No religion should hold any influence over issues of law and order. That is a clear violation of the First Amendment, and we will fight it at every turn. If one religion is allowed such influence, then all other religions must have equal opportunity, and that is typically where Christianity falters. They want to be the SOLE influence, as does Islam. This cannot be allowed.

We believe the individual is the final arbiter of their actions, and hence responsibility rests with the individual. Take responsibility for your words and actions, and always make sure they are truthful and with pure intentions. The same applies at the macro level; responsibility for the Catholic Church’s actions, for example, rest with the Catholic Church. As such, they should step up to the plate and admit it when they do wrong. Instead, they take the road of deceit and cover up for pedophiles. A lack of responsibility leads to a lack of integrity. Responsibility to the responsible.

As Darwin so famously stated, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” And as Einstein said, “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” Adaptability is critical to success. Times change, situations change, everything changes. You must change with it when necessary, instead of planting roots down and being stubborn. This leads to stagnation, which is what happened to the old Church of Satan.

If some other methodology is working, adapt it. If some other thought process is better, go with it. Don’t let pride interfere with the truth. Pursue all avenues and show due diligence.

We believe that you have but one life, and it is here and now. Live it to the fullest, without concern for religious ideals and restrictions. Overcome guilt and dogma, and get the most out of your life. This leads to happiness, which is precisely a state that religion does NOT want you in. Religion has always sought to keep the masses unhappy, guilty, and burdened with worry. This is the greatest sin of organized religion: they steal from you the one real chance you have at happiness. Don’t allow them to get away with it.

What does your symbol stand for?

It was from Mithraism, Paganism and astrology that Christianity borrowed many of it’s tenets, though admittedly these similarities have sometimes been exaggerated.

The seven points on the outside of our symbol represent the seven rungs of the ladder used in the initiation of Mithras, which was in turn modeled after the seven known planets. This same ladder was later used in Masonic rights, hence the second series of seven points on the inside, symbolising the fact that all religions throughout history borrowed from whatever came before them (it can also be seen as the seven blossoms in the apartment of the statue of Balder the Beautiful, or the 6 Syzgies and Eternal One of Gnosticism, or the seven gates of Hades in the myth of Ishtar, or the 7 divine truths, or the seven ages of man, or the Seven Wonders of the World, etc. The point is that the number seven is extremely common in the occult (and elsewhere),
and has it’s origins in the seven planets and astrology).

The similarities between Christianity and numerous religions preceding it are striking. Figures such as Horus, Buddha, Mithra, Krishna,
Osiris, Odysseus, Dionysus, Heracles, Glycon, Zoroaster, and Attis all predate Christ, and have nearly identical background stories, including many of the following: birthdate, crucifixion, resurrection, 12 disciples, immaculate conception and miracles.

And yet, those things that came before also came to be regarded as evil, black and Satanic, when divorced from Christianity. In the center of all that is the pentagram sliced through by a bolt of lightning, symbolizing both man and Satan, and the enlightenment brought by him. On the outside, the number 7, representative historically of God and the seven planets. On the inside, the symbol of man and Satan. This completes the cycle of opposites that Hegel wrote about. Taken together, 7 and 5 add to twelve, the number of signs in the current zodiac.

Why is this important? Because most religions, and Christianity is no exception, can be traced back to astrological origins. Christianity is very much a sun god religion. December 25th marks the winter solstice, the day the suns ascent finally ends and it moves a degree north.
This date was borrowed directly from paganism, and it is no coincidence that Christians say He (the son, or sun) is risen. It is also no coincidence that Jesus had 12 disciples, as that number has obvious astrological significance.

Why should I join The New Church of Satan?

Why join The New Church of Satan? Hopefully (at the very least) because you have read The Nine Satanic Statements, The Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth, and The Nine Satanic Sins, and you agree with all of them. Ideally you have read the Satanic Bible. Most who join believe they were born a Satanist, and they find that they already think along the same lines as the rest of us. That is, they have been a Satanist all along, and just never realized it. Hence it is only natural that they join.

Note that membership is not for everyone, and we are looking for very specific individuals at this early stage of our organization. Most of you will not make the cut, and this is nothing personal. Your application will remain open for review as membership increases. We are in the process of creating a good, quality core of individuals with the right expertise.

For more information, please visit our recruitment page.

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