Our Manifesto (first draft)

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Our Manifesto (first draft)

Postby Satan » Mon Aug 22, 2016 10:04 pm

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| The New Church of Satan |
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| Manifesto |
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We believe Christianity is in the final period of it's decline, and that Satanism (whether called by that name or not) is leading the way into the next age. Consequently, we take it upon ourselves to lend a hand to those struggling to overcome religious upbringings, which we see as a severe hurdle to emotional well-being and success in the modern world. To further this goal we offer a broad educational curriculum covering Satanism in particular and the occult in general. Through this course of study the evolution of occult thought is clarified and the student comes to see the natural progression before and after Christianity (and the other Abrahamic religions), and realizes that it was only a step in a much greater chain of events. It is NOT incontestable or absolute. By embracing the opposite, even if only in principle or experiment, one overcomes the past orthodoxy of religious inculcation, and the end result is freedom.

While we acknowledge the original Church of Satan and LaVey's work, and agree with all of his tenets, we do not believe the church has made an effort to undertake the steps outlined herein. "Satanism demands study, not worship." LaVey himself wrote that, and yet that study is entirely absent from the old church.

It is in the study of philosophy and the occult that we begin to free our mind. Hegel, for example, believed that all things owe their existence to their opposites and that all opposites are actually identical. Religion and the occult have not always been monotheistic and/or dualistic. That is a relatively recent phenomena. Seen through Hegel's eyes, the absolute dualism of Christianity unwinds itself, and we come to realize that God and Satan are not so different afterall. You cannot have one without the other.

Schopenhauer wrote that the strength of Christianity lay in it's pessimism and conquest of individual will. Thus to overcome it, we must put behind us the baggage that gives rise to this pessimism and reclaim our will. Only then can we be happy and free.

August Comte believed that the lowest stage of thought was theological, while the highest was positive. Consequently, our aim is to provide a roadmap from the theological (inculcated) to the positive (Satanic, or free from religion). Comte wrote:

"In the final, the positive state. the mind has given over the vain search after Absolute notions, the origin and destination of the universe, and the causes of phenomena, and applies itself to the study of their laws, that is, their invariable relations of succession and resemblance."

So it is with theology, revolving like a wheel. While Christianity had it's day, that day is passed, and it is time for Satanism to take it's place.

Rank 0, Registered Member

This initial rank is granted after a few simple steps. Complete the online application to the best of your ability, pay the $100 membership fee, and pass a background check. Following this, you will receive your introductory membership package and id card in the mail.

The membership fee pays the costs of a membership card and copy of our manifesto, along with the costs of running the operation. Any remainder goes towards renovations and construction of our physical church.

Rank 1, Active Member

To become an active member means to do just that: get active. Post, reply and otherwise participate in the forums. Write a blog entry. Most importantly, read and thoroughly study both the Satanic Bible and the Satanic Rituals to prepare for the test that will elevate you to rank 2. Ask questions.

Rank 2, Witch/Warlock

This rank is awarded upon passing two tests; one on the Satanic Bible and one on the Satanic Rituals, hence proving your knowledge of both. The tests are open book, but don't let that fool you. You need to have a thorough understanding of both.

Rank 3, Priest/Priestess

This rank requires a broad study of the occult and official ordainment. There will be a wide range of required reading and testing. A full course plan will be provided and a timeline for completing it worked out on an individual basis. Be prepared for a lot of reading and studying.

Rank 4, Magister/Magistra

For this rank, the study gets more in-depth and the testing more difficult. A coure plan will be worked out on an individual basis, and a thesis will be required. Think of this as something like a doctorate in occult studies.

Rank 5, Maga/Magus

This rank is by invite only.

| |
| The Symbol of the New Church |
| of Satan |
| |

It was from Druidism and the cult of Mithras that Christianity borrowed many of it's tenets. The seven points on the outside of our symbol represent the seven rungs of the ladder used in the initiation of Mithras. This same ladder was later used in Masonic rights, hence the second series of seven points on the inside, symbolising the fact that all religions throughout history, but Christianity in particular, borrowed heavily from whatever came before them (it can also be seen as the seven blossoms in the apartment of the statue of Balder the Beautiful). In the center of all that is the pentagram sliced through by a bolt of lightning, symbolizing both man and Satan, and the enlightenment brought by him. On the outside, the number 7, representative historically for God. On the inside, the symbol of Satan. This completes the cycle of opposites that Hegel wrote about.

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